Rogaine, Hair Loss Shampoos, Minoxidil & Alopecia Treatments

This is a tutorial and guide on hair loss products for men, covering Rogaine, minoxidil, shampoos for hair loss, hair loss treatments and hair loss concealers. This tutorial on hair loss products is the 5th installment of Rogelio’s epic men’s hair products guide.

The internet’s epic guide on all about hair loss products for men: Rogaine, minoxidil, shampoos for hair loss, alopecia treatments and balding concealers.

Male pattern baldness (MPB), aka androgenetic alopecia, is the most common cause of hair loss in males. The cause of male pattern baldness is not yet fully understood but the mainstream belief is that it is the effect of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on hyper sensitive hair follicles that causes male pattern baldness; of course, this explanation I’ve just given you is very-simplified, and the MPB puzzle is in fact quite complex and involves other biological factors such as localized (scalp) inflammation as well as environmental factors such as nutrition and stress. The good news is that male pattern baldness, when caught in its early stages, can be treated and managed very well with different products, which leads us to today’s specific men’s hair products guide: a guide on products for male hair loss.

Through my long-term study of men’s hair and hair loss (which I have compiled as a super-detailed men’s hair blueprint on my bestselling book, The Men’s Hair Book), I have come to categorize the range of hair loss products for men as follows:

  • Minoxidil/Rogaine
  • Shampoos for hair loss
  • Hair loss treatments
  • Hair loss concealers

All the hair loss products in the categories above work to battle male pattern baldness and generalized hair loss. However, before I continue, and following my tradition of not allowing BS to taint Manly Curls, I must warn you that there is no cure for male pattern baldness. Unlike the many scammers and snake oil peddlers that abound in the hair care industry, and especially in the men’s hair field, I strive to provide real knowledge through Manly Curls and through my books to make you and the rest of my visitors better men, and it goes without saying that throwing all kinds of zombie dust on your hair is certainly not part of “helping you become a better man”.

Having said the above, all of the hair loss products you will be finding below in my guide will help to majorly slow down and even revert the male hair loss process. The catch? You will only get this anti hair-loss effect for as long as you use these hair loss products. Once you stop using these products, you hair loss will resume and you should expect to lose any net gains of hair in 2 to 6 months. There is no product that will “cure” you of male pattern baldness, and there’s a good chance there won’t ever be a cure as male pattern baldness involves a genetic predisposition.

Should you use the following hair loss products if you are balding and want to keep your hair? Absolutely!

Do you really have to use these hair loss products to remain a handsome/attractive (or less ugly) man? Absolutely not. You can just as easily buy a hair clipper and pull a Vin Diesel, as I call it in The Men’s Hair Book (i.e. buzz your hair and start hitting the gym like it’s 1972). And if you’re wondering what would be a good hair clipper, then look no further and get yourself an awesome hair clipper by either buying this superb-quality cordless hair clipper or buying this other great-quality (and less pricey) hair clipper.

Ok, now that I have fully introduced this guide on men’s hair loss products, let’s hit each of the aforementioned categories and recommend you the best hair loss products for men to buy.

Minoxidil and Rogaine – Men’s Hair Loss Products

Minoxidil is a compound that treats male pattern baldness and is specially useful for thinning and hair loss at the vertex (i.e. crown of the head) in what is the usual trademark of male pattern baldness. Furthermore, minoxidil is the best hair loss medication currently that is over the counter, so it really is a no brainer for those men who want to manage male pattern baldness and kick it in the nuts too.

Rogaine was the first OTC (i.e. over the counter) formulation on the market that contained minoxidil as its primary anti-balding ingredient; these days, however, there are other minoxidil preparations and they all have a track record of treating male pattern baldness, although Rogaine is the most known worldwide and the one with the cleanest track of working as advertised.

In order for minoxidil/Rogaine to yield the best cosmetic results, you should ideally be trying minoxidil/Rogaine for a good 6 months since the hair regrowth caused by the minoxidil takes a long time to fully manifest visibly. Even better, I would recommend you to simply purchase upfront enough minoxidil/Rogaine to have at home the equivalent of at least a 12-month treatment period as you will very likely find that you want to continue using minoxidil/Rogaine until your wife finds out you are spending an average of $20 to $40 per month on regaining your hair and looking more handsome (you better have some good explanation for this bro and no history of being a Casanova).

A picture of a pack of Rogaine for men's hair loss.

Shampoos For Hair Loss – Men’s Hair Loss Products

Several anti-hair-loss ingredients can be delivered to the scalp via formulated shampoos for hair loss. Such hair loss shampoos can be used as one’s sole shampoo or they can be used with other shampoo types; simply follow the instructions on the label of the hair loss shampoo you decide to use.

Among the ingredients used for hair loss shampoos, ketoconazole and tea tree oil are regularly used. However, if you have been paying attention to my global men’s hair products guide, you will remember that, in my men’s shampoo guide, I talk about ketoconazole and tea tree oil being ingredients used in anti dandruff shampoos; so the question arises, why the coincidence in the utilizing of these 2 specific compounds to target dandruff as well as hair loss?


A picture of a bottle of shampoo for hair loss and a bottle of men's conditioner designed for male pattern baldness.

Click the picture of this hair loss shampoo combo to read more about its scalp anti-inflammation properties!

Well, do you remember when I mentioned at the beginning of this guide that male pattern baldness is thought to be (partially) caused by scalp inflammation? It so happens that the fungus that causes dandruff (the beautifully-namedĀ Malassezia globosa fungus) is believed to indirectly cause inflammation of the scalp as it devours the “yummy” sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands, so not only is this fungus one uber-gross dude but it also contributes to the loss of your hair. Consequentially, if you want to treat male pattern baldness holistically, you gotta think big and look at the whole picture of the male-pattern-baldness puzzle. And, before all of you hypochondriacs rush to the mirror to try and spot the fungus, let me tell you the fungus is commonly found in the scalp of non-balding healthy men (and women) and it is microscopic. And, no, you won’t be feeling the darn fungus moving across your scalp at night.

Other interesting ingredients in shampoos for hair loss that can work to holistically address male pattern baldness include caffeine (yep, you read that right, caffeine in the shampoo, not your coffee), exfoliating agents (so that the minoxidil/Rogaine can penetrate the scalp better) and vitamins and minerals aimed at taming scalp inflammation. Do note that you can use more than one of the following shampoos and ideally you should be rotating them so that, if you are using 3 of the following 4 shampoos below, you use each shampoo at least once per week.

Hair Loss Treatments – Men’s Hair Loss Products

Other than Rogaine and shampoos for hair loss, there are other over-the-counter hair loss treatmentsĀ (aka alopecia treatments) that target male pattern baldness and generalized hair loss in men. These hair loss treatments aim to supplement the concomitant use of Rogaine and hair loss shampoos; or, in other words, you should be using Rogaine and a hair loss shampoo with your chosen hair loss treatment to get the best results. These OTC hair loss treatments are generally free of side effects and well tolerated by men.

Hair loss treatments are a combination of different active ingredients usually aimed at further slowing down the hair loss, not regrowing the hair, and thus the benefit of using hair loss treatments like the 3 listed below so as to supplement your use of Rogaine and a hair loss shampoo. Because hair loss treatments are delivered differently to Rogaine (which is delivered topically with foam or liquid) and to any available shampoos for hair loss (which are mostly delivered as “wash and rinse” creams), hair loss treatments can add convenience and extra oomph to your battle against male pattern baldness.

Hair Loss Concealers – Men’s Hair Loss Products

You’ve probably seen these before; if you have ever stayed till late watching infomercials, you will have come across some kind of paint that is supposed to be sprayed on the hair to look like you have spread (and badly, at that) some shoe polish on your poor scalp; well, those are hair concealers, or at least those are the “crap” hair loss concealers you should not even be hearing of in the first place.

Now, the “good” hair loss concealers are products made out of tiny assorted synthetic fibers that attach to the hair strands to thicken the shaft and thus help to discreetly conceal the balding spots on your scalp. Despite how comical the process may initially read as, you simply spread some of the fiber on your hair and the end result is actually natural; likewise, the best hair loss concealers won’t flake off your head or be removed as you exercise or play with your children (unless your children play like Congolese silverback gorillas).

A bottle of Toppik for treating men's hair loss.Toppik is the most popular hair loss concealer in the market. Click the picture to see the huge range of hair colours they have!

Hair loss concealers are, without a doubt, some great allies when it comes to helping you have a thicker mane and camouflage any developed hairless patches, and hair loss concealers synergise extremely well with the rest of hair loss products covered in this guide. What’s more is that the best hair loss concealers (like the one listed below) come in a wide range of colours and tones so that you can easily and naturally match the colour of the concealer’s synthetic fiber to the colour of your hair.

Men’s Hair Loss Products – The Wrap Up

All in all, you have plenty of products for hair loss to choose from the 4 main categories covered in this guide: minoxidil/Rogaine, hair loss shampoos, hair loss treatments and hair loss concealers. Each category boasts its share of very-useful products to manage male pattern baldness, slow it down and even completely halt and revert the hair loss process. Furthermore, not all men’s hair loss products are created equal, and you truly want to buy the best products for hair loss as per the products I have listed under each category.

Overall, in an ideal world, you would be using several products from each of the product categories with no regard to cost; however, by that same token, in an ideal world, men would not be afflicted by male pattern baldness, so, simply put, play your cards right, adjust your budget and buy the hair products I have listed as you see fit. If it were me, I would prioritize a 12-month supply of Rogaine (order 2 packs) and at least 2 of the hair loss shampoos I listed above in this guide, then adding more hair loss products (treatments and concealers) as your budget allows. And, to lower the total cost of these products, I recommend you to buy in bulk as you’ll be benefiting from Amazon’s great shipping fees for bulk buying.

All the best, gentlemen.


P.S: And, of course, don’t forget to include in your purchase my bestseller, The Men’s Hair Book, as I utterly and awesomely teach you everything to make the most of your hair and rock the mane of a lion as well as give you the strategy to keep your hair long term and have it looking “luscious” 24/7!

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  1. Jay
    February 13, 2016 at 6:13 am

    Hola Rogelio!

    I’ve been a fan for a few month now. Bought your book, read it, and started to grow my hair only to find out that baldness started to manifest. I followed your suggestion and went to a dermatologist which informed me that I was between number 2 and 3 in the northwood stages. He also suggested that because of the humidity in Playa del Carmen, I should wash my hair daily (twice a week with Nizoral antidandruff shampoo. Fhe rest with the other shampoo).

    Question: do you expect this to affect negatively the look of my curls? What would you advise to people that live in a humid location?

    Keep up the good work!

    Your friend from Playa del Carmen

    Products Dermatologist Suggested to use:
    -Kirkland Generic Minoxidil
    -Nizoral antidandruff shampoo (main ingredient: ketoconazole)

  2. Nico
    January 20, 2015 at 4:29 am

    Hey Rogelio,

    I have very curly hair (type 3 I think) and I’ve had them for about 4 years now. I am a 19 year old guy. I have always had thinner temple hair due to the fact that I used to tie my hair while wet (BAD idea). Recently, due to poor hair care, an accident with a trimmer while trimming my sideburns, and a few month of wearing tight buns, I noticed broken hair just above my sideburns. What would you recommend to accelerate the growing of the hair and prevent further damage?

    Love your blog,


  3. Justin
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    Hi! I discovered your website in the past few months and it has been really helpful as i am finally allowing my curly hair to grow long. I was told by a few friends that Jamaican Black Castor Oil is really great for hair growth and overall hair health and i wanted to know if you have any knowledge, thoughts or opinions on it. Thanks!

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