Decembeard: Grow Your Beard in December For Prostate Cancer

Decembeard is another prostate cancer awareness month following Movember. Decembeard involves growing a beard during December with the aim of raising awareness about prostate cancer and men’s health. Read this guide to Decembeard and even what beard trimmer to use to keep your beard epic during this month!

December: The Perfect Excuse to Grow Your Beard After Movember

November is over and so is Movember. However, December has just started and it gives us yet another occasion to grow more hair; ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, Decembeard!

Decembeard is, in my opinion, a cooler version of Movember and also carries a good word, the word of emphasizing men’s health worldwide and especially prostate cancer awareness. Decembeard is not as recognized worldwide as Movember, but surely there is a group of us who know of it and use the power of da internetz to promote Decembeard.

Chuck Norris posing with his beard for Decembeard

Chuck Norris’ jokes have been burnt out already, otherwise I’d try to crack one out

Moustaches can make many men look goofy, and I’m sure you saw during November your share of men with moustaches who looked like creeps or like new-age Hitlers. On the other hand, beards are cooler than moustaches and, while moustaches are associated with Charles Chaplin and Adolf Hitler, beards are associated with Chuck Norris and men crossing the Antarctica by foot (ok, ok, beards are also associated with fat old men with food bits unknowingly stuck in their beards, but let us concentrate on the positives for now). The month of December is thus the perfect excuse to grow your beard like a Sir and resemble a hip Santa Claus (just don’t cross the line and become a hipster).

Decembeard: Grow Your Beard in December

We are starting December now, so it goes without saying that thou shalt not shave any more starting from now. Facial hair grows at a strikingly-similar rate as hair on the scalp (remember as per in my epic hair-care book, The Men’s Hair Book, the growth rate of hair is 0.5 inches per month), which means that in some 2 weeks time you would have enough hair to classify it as a full beard (i.e. your facial hair is long enough to conceal the gaps between follicles).

Decembeard: Keep that Beard Trimmed

December is not just a time for Christmas gifts and family reunions, it’s a time for some heavy partying and dinners with friends and colleagues from work or school (which inevitably always lead to crazy parties and stuff you will repent the next day); all of this thus means that thou shalt not just keep growing your beard like a homeless Santa (as per the words of Bruno); instead, thou shalt do all possible to rock a beard that even I would be impressed with (because book authors owning blogs titled “Manly Curls” are so difficult to impress, nom’ sayin’?). And, to rock an epic beard, all you will need is a high-quality beard trimmer.

The good thing about beard trimmers is that, unlike electric shavers and razors, beard trimmers are priced reasonably (30 to 60 bucks instead of the 200+ bucks for electric shavers). Ergo, you can go and give yourself right now an early Christmas gift and buy yourself any of the two high-quality beard trimmers below. Bear (not beard) in mind that the shipping time for the beard trimmers below can vary between 24 hours all the way to 10 days depending on which shipping option you choose and your location, but, regardless of shipping option, your purchased beard trimmer will come just in time to start trimming your facial tresses.

  • Get this high-quality beard trimmer that not only is high-quality and trims plentifully (with lots of length ranges), it also features an on-going vacuum so that the trimmed beard hairs don’t make a mess in your bathroom sink or floor.
  • Get this high-quality beard trimmer that comes already with accessory tools to provide epic finishing touches to your beard. This beard trimmer is even useful for trimming and retouching the hairline of your scalp hair!

For what is worth, both the beard trimmers above are also great for trimming moustaches, so, by buying any of these two beard trimmers, you’re opening up your range of facial hairstyles in the same way that all the hair styling tools for men in my men’s hair products guide open up your range of men’s hairstyles!

Any of the two beard trimmers I posted above can make you and your beard go from this…

A picture of Santa Claus with his beard for a beard trimmer guide.

…To this

A picture of Chuck Norris with his beard shaped by a beard trimmer for Decembeard.

Decembeard: Grow Your Beard in December for Prostate Cancer Awareness

Prostate cancer is one sneaky “son-of-a”, and we men need to pay more attention to it. I know many of you who read Manly Curls are young cool dudes who rather think about the present and about those wild parties that are to come this December than think about health issues that will come down the line, but it’s in your interest to be “aware” of prostate cancer bro. So browse the prostate cancer article at Wikipedia and just be aware of what prostate cancer is. Then, visit either the Prostate Cancer Foundation (for my US fellow readers) or Cancer Research UK (for my British fellow readers) and donate some bucks to help continue to fund research into this cancer research field. I donated before writing this Decembeard article and you have my kudos if you donate whatever amount you can/want (thank you in the name of men worldwide).

And, of course, after you do all of this, do subscribe for Manly Curls updates and join Manly Curls on Facebook if you haven’t already so that you too are part of our revolution to make men’s hair cool and a form of personal realization!

All the best gentlemen.


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