Justin Timberlake Hairstyles: Curly Hair Epicness

As of lately, Justin Timberlake’s hairstyles have been styled with straight hair when, in reality, Justin Timberlake has some of the funkiest curly hair around. Get ready to read Rogelio’s epic detective work exposing one of the harshest fashion-world realities: Justin Timberlake straightens his hair!

Dear Justin Timberlake, bring back the curly hair

If there is one thing I have gotten good at over the years, then that’d be spotting who has naturally curly hair and who doesn’t. Seriously, I think by now I am the world’s expert in spotting real or fake men’s hair; unfortunately, having such a natural talent for such a miniscule, trivial follicular interest doesn’t pay any bills, so all I am left with is posting this kind of stuff on my site in my little spare time for some epic LOLz and WINRARz for all of you, my dear readers. Mind you, I myself have curly hair (“luscious” curls, as they have been described by drunk women) and I have written and published the bestseller, The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks (click the link to see it in Amazon), so it’s not like I hit my head recently and decided to start researching the manes of male celebrities just “because”.

Curly haired male celebrities straightening their hair

You see, I have already carried out some of my follicular detective work and posted it here at Manly Curls, with such epic cases as the one on Neymar’s fake straight hair, the one on David Alaba’s Brazilian Blowout, the one on Cristiano Ronaldo’s naturally curly hair and the one on Bradley Cooper’s permed curly hair (to name a few, and with the latter case including photos of Bradley Cooper’s permed hair that you will never be able to erase from your memory). Of course, my detective work shall continue its due natural course, and, in today’s featured article, it is time to go back in time and show y’all the curly hair of Justin Timberlake; you know, back when he was in that boy band, ‘N Sync in 1995.

But, dude, why are you picking on da Timberlakez today? I hear y’all ask. Well, because I get at least one email per week asking me about Justin Timberlake’s hairstyles and the fact that people recall Justin Timberlake having curly hair and not straight hair, the latter hair type (i.e. straight hair) being the one that Mr. Timberlake has been appearing with for the last couple of years and especially in his latest video clip, TKO (see the video clip below).


Wait, didn’t Justin Timberlake have curly hair?

In case you are like me and you ain’t into new-age pop music nor are you interested in watching a whole 7 minutes of some video clip of Justin Timberlake featuring Justin Timberlake for Justin Timberlake’s die-hard fans, then simply see the two screenshots below from the aforementioned video clip showing Justin Timberlake’s current hairstyle with his (not natural) straight hair.

Justin Timberlake appearing in his latest videoclip TKO with straight hair.


Justin Timberlake with a slicked back hairstyle for the videoclip TKO.

And, before you ask, the hairstyle of Justin Timberlake in this video clip is called a slicked back hairstyle

Newsflash: Justin Timberlake has curly hair, not straight hair

Whenever in doubt about a person’s natural and real hair type, it’s as simple as seeing a couple pictures of him/her in his/her teenage years. With curly-haired men, there can be a slight tightening of the curls when they hit puberty; this being in itself a very-common occurrence among curly men and one which I explain and even describe through my personal story in The Curly Hair Book.

So, since I too remembered seeing pictures of Justin Timberlake’s hair being curly and not straight (back in the ’90s), I decided to do a quick (but epic) investigative work to find some irrefutable evidence proving that this man does indeed have curly hair: two pictures of Justin Timberlake in his youth with some tight coils that would put mine and those of Troy Polamalu to shame. In fact, in these two pictures (which I’ve posted below), you can see how Justin Timberlake also went through the pubertal phase of having his suave Type II curls turn into tight, bushy Type III coils, which is exactly the same curly hair type transition I went through when I hit puberty at age 11 (no joking, I had bushy coils and kinks as well as a beard by age 12). Obviously, Justin Timberlake and I not only share the great looks but also the curly hair dramas (ok ok, the “great looks” part is not true… but coincidentally we had and have the same curl types). Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, the pictures:

A young Justin Timberlake with a curly hairstyle posing next to a young Ryan Gosling

Justin Timberlake at age 10 or so with an equally-aged Ryan Gosling next to him (Ryan Gosling looking like he’s 32 though)

Justin Timberlake with curly hair and a Jewfro hairstyle when he was in the band 'N Sync

And a couple of years later, Justin Timberlake rocking some solid Type III curls like a Sir

Justin Timberlake, bring back the curls, dude

Obviously, Justin Timberlake straightening his curly hair isn’t an issue worthy of signing a White House online petition (or is it?…), but it’s interesting to note how a cool dude like Justin Timberlake would prefer to tame his curls instead of letting them out and fluffing his natural mane like a lion. But why is this? I dare ask.

  • Could it be due to the fact that the ratio of successful straight-haired Hollywood celebrities versus successful curly-haired Hollywood celebrities is skewed in favour of the former?
  • Could it be because curly hair is perceived to not give a good image when you are a film and music superstar?
  • Or is it because curly hair care can indeed become a dreadful chore if one doesn’t know how to groom and style his curls?

Whatever it is, I have noticed for a long time now that there seems to be an on-going trend in the last couple of years of curly-haired male celebrities straightening their curls chronically, which is one of the issues I mention in The Curly Hair Book that is to blame for the overall aesthetic downgrading of curly hair among men and women and for making average Joes with curly hair plainly dislike their curls.

In any case, whatever the answer is to our questions above asking ourselves why Justin Timberlake prefers to tame those curls of his, I’ll let y’all know that I’ll be keeping an extra copy of The Curly Hair Book in my house in case da Timberlakez decides he wants to know all about his curls and rock them again like it’s 1995.

All the best, ladies and gentlemen.


P.S: for those of you new to Manly Curls and to how I approach my style of writing with the topic of men’s curly hair, do note that this article is tongue in cheek and written in a humorist manner, so have a look around Manly Curls, read a couple other articles of mine and have a look at my book The Curly Hair Book in Amazon. If you like what you read, then subscribe for more Manly Curls article updates (no spam, no crap) and join the other 2,200+ cool cats on Facebook who just totally and utterly love Manly Curls and who are part of our revolution to get men finally rocking their hair without having to watch repeat episodes of Sex in the City. Laters!

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