3 Epic Men’s Hairstyles for 2014 You Must Try

Learn in this guide all about the 3 epic men’s hairstyles for 2014 that will be rocking it wild and how you too can get your hair styled like a boss. Only at Manly Curls!

2014 men’s hairstyles and how 3 of them will have you reaching epic #LikeABoss status

The year 2013 left us with some diesel and trendy hairstyles for men that were a fresh breeze from the boring hairstyles of 2012 and of the previous years too. I attribute this phenomenon, in part, to movies such as The Great Gatsby where Leonardo DiCaprio sported a Classic Side Swept, and I also partly attribute this revamping of male hairstyles to fellas such as Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik sporting hair styles such as the ladies-melter Brush Up hairstyle. Furthermore, both my bestselling books, The Men’s Hair Book and The Curly Hair Book have been (and continue to be) reaching out to lots of dudes who have finally learned to deal with their locks, so I have been receiving a lot of feedback on what hairstyles and haircuts have been resonating with dudes worldwide. Overall, more and more guys are doing something about their tresses, and this new 2014 is here to bring us some pretty epic hairstyles for men.

Having written all of the above, it is thus that I would like to now introduce to you 3 epic men’s hairstyles for 2014: the Brush Up, the Gatsby and the High Top Fade. I will be covering these 3 bad boys in this guide, and, if you ain’t sporting one of these styles yet, then consider jumping in as the 3 of them will be making a lot of (good) noise in 2014.

The Brush Up hairstyle

I was already tracking the Brush Up in 2013 and even in late 2012, when Zayn Malik, known for his awful singing albeit handsome looks (at least according to 14-year-old girls), was among the first male celebrities to sport a Brush Up style. Then, out of nowhere, Justin Bieber jumped into this same hairstyle in mid-2013 and the shizzle hit the fan (not a groupie fan but an actual ventilating fan) as it always does when Justin Bieber does any of his regular antics like “the one” with the vomiting on stage at one of his concerts in front of his groupies or “the one” with the party with prostitutes in Brazil.

In any case, The Brush Up hair style will be some hot stuff for 2014, and the fact that I am seeing more male celebrities getting Brush Ups tells me we are in for a good male grooming ride, so jump on it before every Tom and John has his hair in a Brush Up.

A picture of Zayn MalikThat’s how “brushed up” hair looks like (and no, I don’t know who the blonde behind Malik is)

How to do a Brush up hairstyle

A Brush Up is a very simple hairstyle that all it requires is a comb, some hair wax and a hair dryer to lift your hair up and get plenty of volume. The hair on the top, which should be about 3 inches long, is the only hair that is “brushed” (more like “combed”) up, while the hair on the sides and back remains flat. In fact, you are best getting the sides and back of your head in an Undercut haircut or a taper haircut to ensure the hair in these regions of the head don’t take away from the hair on the top. I suggest you print this article and show the picture of Zayn Malik above as he has he sides of his head in a very neat clipped cut.

To style a Brush Up, coat your damp hair with hair wax and then point a hair dryer to the top of your hair as you use your fingers to lift the hair up; once you start getting volume (and with the hair dryer still pointed), use a comb to continue to get the hair further up and with more volume. The direction of the brushing up motion can be either entirely vertical (up) or angled like in the picture below; just play around with the directions as you will prefer one over another.

Zayn Malik with a Brushed up style

Damn, kids these days with their Twitters and their “selfies”…

Which men’s hair products to use for a Brush Up?

If you want to rock a Brush Up, then get these men’s hair products (click each link to see the products and/or buy them in Amazon):

  • This men’s comb: solid, study and handmade. First comb I see that is #LikeABoss approved, and that’s good news.
  • This hair wax: it won’t let you down and has a matte finish. This hair wax has a natural look that goes very well with a Brush Up. Get it.
  • This hair dryer: many men don’t know this, but a hair dryer is a dude’s best friend. A hair dryer will allow you to do all kind of cool hairstyles and change them every day. Even better, there’s no need to buy pink Hello Kitty blow dryers and the one in the link is a high-quality hair dryer that will last you a long time. Solid investment. Oh, and make sure you also get the accessory diffuser to clip it to the hair dryer prior to blow drying your hair.

The Gatsby hairstyle

The Gatsby hairstyle is Side Swept with a classic taper haircut; it was one of the main hairstyles of upper-class dudes in the 1920s, and, if you wanted to appear in one of these dudes’ lavish social parties, you’d better be wearing a solid Side Swept plastered with pomade made from boar lard and apple peelings.

Luckily for us 21st-century dudes, times have changed and hair pomades don’t stink of dead animals anymore (at least the good ones) and the crazier your hairstyle is, the “cooler” you look, so there’s no need to be sweeping your hair to the side in order to attend a Paris Hilton party where the waiters are dressed as those teddy bears in “that” Miley Cyrus video. However, the Gatsby hair style does still remain as an elegant styling choice for your hair, and it certainly is one to seriously consider especially after Leonardo DiCaprio made it popular through The Great Gatsby movie.

Picture of Leonardo DiCaprio's hair in Gatsby

Looks like a better-looking version of yours truly during these past New Year’s Eve

How to do a Gatsby

Styling a Gatsby is easy; in fact, it’s the haircut for the Gatsby that you should be worried about.

Length-wise, you want 4 inches on the top of your head while the sides and back are tapered with shears (aka scissors); there’s no hair clipper involved in this haircut. Now, not all taper haircuts are created equal and you need to have a skilled barber or hairdresser do the taper. In both The Curly Hair Book and The Men’s Hair Book, I dedicate a big section to shopping around for the best barber/hairdresser, but, if I were to give you a solid tip right now in this guide, then that’d be to choose a hair professional who has direct hands-on experience with taper haircuts; otherwise you will not look pretty when he/she finishes the haircut; I can tell you that from having seen it many times.

As said earlier, the styling of the Gatsby is easy: just grab some hair pomade, coat your hair with it and then comb your hair to the side starting from either the left temple or right temple. Careful though, in some Latin countries, combing your hair from the right temple means you are interested in men (i.e. gay), so, if you’re interested in visiting Spain or much of Latin America, then make sure to adjust your Gatsby as per your tastes in extracurricular bedroom activities.

Picture of Leo DiCaprio in a 2013 movie

Women, money, parties… the hard life of a Gatsby

Men’s hair products for the Gatsby

The Gatsby is as minimal as it gets, and all you need is a good hair pomade and a solid men’s comb with a handle. Get the following products (click the links to read more about them and/or buy them in Amazon):

  • This hair pomade: it will give you are very neat side swept look without the greasy look of cheap pomades. This pomade is water based too, so it is easy to wash off.
  • This men’s comb: it’s the same comb I recommend for the Brush Up above. Just buy this comb as chances are that you own one of those cheap plastic combs that breaks every 3 weeks.

The High Top Fade hairstyle

Last but not least, the High Top Fade is a hairstyle that most of you will associate with the 1980s. African-American men commonly wore the High Top Fade (aka Hi Top) in the ’80s, but, by the mid-1990s, the hairstyles trend for black men changed to shorter haircuts and braids. However, the High Top Fade haircut is currently experiencing a revival as dudes like Nerlens Noel, Lil Twist and Roscoe Dash have put the Hi Top back in the scene.

Nerlens Noel with a classic black mens haircutA tribute to the wild ’80s haircuts

The High Top Fade requires curly hair within the ranges of Type IV to V curls (aka afro textured hair or kinky curly hair) as these type of curls can remain vertical without any enhanced manipulation of the hair. The range of hairstyles for men with kinky curly hair is limited as kinks stand up locked by default, so what the High Top Fade does is take advantage of such a natural predisposition that is innate to this particular hair type (if you want to know more about hair types, then read my ISEZ hair type guide in the second chapter of The Men’s Hair Book).

How to do a High Top Fade haircut

The Hi Top takes skill, and, for your first haircut, you really want to visit a barbershop specializing in black men’s haircuts.

First of all, you will need to grow the hair on the top of your head to at least 3 inches of length, which can take a couple of months if you have short kinky curly hair. Once you have the right length (or if you have it already), it is time to get the haircut for the High Top Fade, which involves having the hair on the top trimmed evenly so that the hair makes a flat surface as it naturally stands up, while the sides and back of the head are done with a hair clipper in a high fade cut. A high fade cut involves buzzing the hair progressively until it reaches the skin (i.e. “to skin”) within the confinement of a horizontal 2-inch-high layer of hair just below the temple line; it’s not easy to do a high fade just like it ain’t easy to do a Hi Top either, which is why I recommend you to see a specialized barber for your very first Hi Top.

The instructions for the High Top Fade that I’ve given you above are the ones for what is deemed as the “classic version” of this hairstyle. However, a Hi Top can also have the top surface shaped in other forms, not just flat; some popular choices for the shape of the top hair include concave and convex shapes. Likewise, you don’t need to have an actual high fade to complete a Hi Top hairstyle although you surely require some kind of fade haircut on the sides and back.

A dude with a hi top cutThe rumour at the time was that he could conceal a hand gun inside his Hi Top

If you’re going to be getting a High Top Fade, then I recommend you to read my popular fade haircut guide although do only read it after you get the Hi Top done by a barber since the guide is one long and detailed haircut guide, and reading it now will very likely lead you into information overload (just click the link and bookmark it for future reading).

Men’s hair products for the High Top Fade

For the High Top Fade, you will need three hair products: a hair clipper, shears and a styling cream. Get the following products (click each link to read more and/or buy it in Amazon):

  • This hair clipper: this one is a cordless hair clipper of excellent quality that will cut through all kind of curls, including my own thick locks. You will want to use this hair clipper to retouch your hairline and the bald areas of the sides and back of your head, which will be those areas where the high fade finishes (i.e. everything that 2 inches below the temple line). It’s a pricey hair clipper, but it’s very worth its price and will last you an eternity; it also comes with a full kit with all kinds of barber tools and a protective case for when you’re travelling. It’s a no brainer, really; if you want to buy a hair clipper to retouch your High Top Fade or to give yourself other haircuts, then get that hair clipper in the link.
  • This set of 3 barber shears (aka barber scissors): retouching the hair on the top of your head can be easily done with the set of shears in the link. You will save a lot of money long term from visiting the barbershop less frequently as this set of shears, together with the hair clipper above, enable you to easily retouch and maintain your Hi Top without having to be visiting the barbershop every couple of weeks to maintain the shape of your Hi Top.
  • This styling cream: just coat your hair with a small amount (2-3 fingertips) of the styling cream in the link. This styling cream will help in defining your tight coils and in enhancing the aesthetics of the hairstyle. It’s a 16.9 ounce bottle and it will last you months so it’s well worth its purchase.

Picture of a hair clipper for black men haircutsThis is the cordless hair clipper recommended for the High Top Fade (click the image to read its full specs in Amazon)

Men’s Hairstyles for 2014: Conclusion

This 2014 will certainly be an exciting year for male grooming, and the above-described men’s hairstyles will be rocking the scene worldwide as well as your own particular scene. So, choose your style, grab the hair products, and then proceed to get a Brush Up in the likes of Zayn Malik, a Gatsby as per a 1920s Leonardo DiCaprio or go to town with a High Top Fade that will bring back the ’80s wherever you go!

All the best, gents.


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