Hairy Leg Stockings for Women – A New Fashion Trend?

Or how leg stockings with hair may very well become the new fashion trend of summer 2014

It certainly is a fact that the vast majority of men look forward to summer because that’s the time of the year when women wear their least amount of clothing. Short pants and jeans, sleeveless shirts, open shirts; you name it; most women will wear whatever piece of clothing that borders illegal exhibitionism, and most men will turn their heads and salivate like dogs at the mere sight of a woman exposing some meat. Personally, I so much more prefer a lady dressed with elegance and etiquette than some exhibitionist bimbo who loves to show the thread of her G-string; however, I’m not a regular dude by all means (who the hell writes 2 bestselling books on men’s hair and men’s curly hair, titles his blog “Manly Curls”, wears a Manly Curls t-shirt in Petra exactly in the same place where Indiana Jones was filmed and breaks his Iphone doing power cleans with 275 pound?); ergo, my opinion isn’t much relevant when it comes to ogling women.

Hairy leg stockings

Now, it is also true that many women like to wear comfortable revealing clothes in summer just because it’s more convenient and you can also get a bit of a tan; by all means, not every woman wearing such clothing is in dire need of social validation and ego boosting. And it is equally true that just about every woman who wears these types of clothes feels very uncomfortable knowing that most men are ogling her and thinking about her in their primitive brains. Thus, some entrepreneurs in China allegedly decided last summer to battle the ogling dudes with a very creative “invention” that may start being commercialized in spring 2014 and which will thus surely be a hit this summer. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, hairy leg stockings:

A set of hairy leg stockings rsembling the leg hair of men.

That’s a lady right there using the hairy leg stockings. Damn, do they do the job!

What you see above is a picture of a (Chinese) lady’s legs with the invented hairy leg stockings and which bluntly produces a grossing effect on anyone who happens to see a women wearing these “exotic” stockings. This invention is simply a set of regular stockings with synthetic hair fibers imitating the hair that men have in their legs (bushy and curly, just like my head’s curls too), and I can tell you that this sight is an absolute turn off for just about any male!

Not on sale… yet

This creative-albeit-gross twist on female leg stockings was revealed as a rumour last summer, but it is now that some of my international sources have confirmed that there are plans for the hairy leg stockings to be sold in the United States and Europe by the summer of 2014, and, if it is indeed to become commercially available, the stockings will become a very-handy product for women worldwide as it effectively kills the ogling while a lady is able to wear short skirts and pants without having to worry about perverts.

This particularly-hairy female hosiery has been touted by Chinese entrepreneurs as a “summertime anti-pervert device” and as “essential for young girls going out”. I, for one, would pay to see people’s reactions as a sexy lady walks down a busy street in any regular US city with a mini skirt and those hairy leg stockings! (TV producers, anyone up for this?)

A woman with hairy legs posing for a fashion advert.

Thanks… but, NO, thanks

For those of you fellas whose girlfriends or wives get too much uncomfortable attention from perving dudes during summertime, this set of hairy leg stockings will certainly be a great gift for her. In any case, if I spot any decent distributor selling this anti-pervert hosiery any time soon, I will post it here at Manly Curls for any of you wanting to buy these leg stockings for Halloween, parties, trolling activities or simple LOLz.

All the best, gentlemen.


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1 comment for “Hairy Leg Stockings for Women – A New Fashion Trend?

  1. Mindy
    June 24, 2015 at 3:23 am

    This was hysterical. I’m a woman and I envy men for not having to shave but I’ll admit that these are gross.

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