Wet Hair Look Style For Men – How To Do It

The wet hair look is a great men’s hairstyle option for those dudes who want to rock a new look with their hair. Learn in this guide all about the wet hair look, from what hair products to use to the exact styling instructions to use!

The Epic Male Style Guide for Achieving a Wet Hair Look Effect

The wet look for hair is one cool hairstyle effect that is easy to do for your hair if you have the right hair products and follow the right instructions as you’ll find in this article. The wet hair look effect is one styling option that I describe and explain in great detail in my bestselling book, The Men’s Hair Book, and I also give you in the book the product combinations to use as well as their full descriptions so that you can make the most of the hair products you purchase, whether for this specific wet look effect or for any other hairstyle or styling effect you want to do in the future. In today’s article, I would like to give you my abbreviated guide for achieving a wet look for your hair, so let’s get to business.

For us guys, achieving a wet look for our hair serves a double purpose: it adds a different styling option for your mane while it also aids in keeping your hair strands moisturized and thus shapely, the latter being the reason for most men’s hair dramas. After all, retaining moisture is your number one ally when it comes to managing your hair, whether you have straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair or afro-textured hair. Thus, the wet look effect must be done when your hair is damp and when you’re implementing the styling stage of my pioneering hair-grooming method, the 9-Minute Perfect Mane routine, a fully-detailed routine template that you will find in The Men’s Hair Book and that will have you with great looking hair in 9 minutes or less, from the moment you step in the shower to the moment you’re out of the bathroom.

A male with a wet curly hairstyle.

David Bisbal has always gone back to the wet look effect for his curly hair throughout his singing career

To achieve the wet look for your hair, you need to implement one of the following 2 hair product combos: hair gel + hair spray OR hair mousse + hair spray. Because water evaporates fairly fast on its own from your hair as you go about your day, you need to ensure that you recreate a pseudo wet effect, which is achieved with hair spray in combination with either hair gel or hair mousse.

How to achieve the wet hair look

  1. Finish your conditioning stage (i.e. using hair conditioner) by jumping out of the shower (read the hair-grooming chapter of The Curly Hair Book for more info on the conditioning stage).
  2. Dry your hair so that your hair remains in a damp state. Your hair should not be left wet after drying (i.e. dripping water), but, rather, your hair should be damp at this point (i.e. water not dripping from the hair, yet the hair visible coated in water).
  3. Cover your fingers with a layer of hair gel or hair mousse.
  4. Work through your hair so as to coat your locks with hair gel or hair mousse, ensuring that you apply the product from mid shaft to the tips. Use your fingers primarily for best effect, although you can use a high-quality men’s comb to give the final styling directions to the hairstyle you choose for your wet look.
  5. Grab the hair-spray bottle and spray the different segments of your scalp as per the scalp segmentation in The Men’s Hair Book (i.e. front, top center, crown, sides and nape area). You should be spraying each scalp section for a 2 to 3 second count. Spray from about a foot away and be careful with getting any of the hair spray in your eyes as that stuff will sting your eyes just like shampoo does.

Gareth Bale hairstyle.

Gareth Bale is another dude who knows his hairstyles and looking all dapper

Products to use for the wet look effect

To rock a great wet-look hairstyle, you will need high-quality hair products; there’s no two ways about this. The good thing is that you will be able to use these hair products not only for your wet look effect but also for any other hair style and look you want to choose for the day. So, grab the following products (click each link to read more about the product and/or buy it):

Important tidbits for the wet look effect

  • Hair mousse works better for the wet look than hair gel if you have curly hair, though get both hairstyling products and give them a go so that you can further customize your wet look; not to mention that both the gel and the mousse can be use for a myriad of other men’s hairstyles.
  • Always apply the mousse/gel first and then the hair spray; never do the hair spray first.
  • Careful with the drying of your hair: your hair must be damp and not fully dried for the wet look effect to work as intended on your hair.
  • Don’t overdo the hair gel: a couple of squeezes from the hair gel recommended in the link above will be sufficient if you have short to medium-length hair. Ultimately, play around with the amount of gel that best suits your hair and your preference, but don’t go around applying so much gel that your hair becomes solid.
  • Do not overdo the hair mousse or hair gel as doing so will cause the, what I call in The Men’s Hair Book, crunchy-stick effect.
  • You can style your hair as you desire when you are coating your locks with the hair gel or hair mousse.
  • Your hair should be at least a medium length to notice the best wet look effect, and even better if your hair is long (i.e. 6+ inches). Regardless, the instructions I’ve given you above for the wet look will also work on short hair.
  • My method works with straight hair and with all curly hair types, especially for Type I-III curls (aka “wavy hair” and “curly coiled hair”).

The wet look for men’s hair – Conclusion

The wet look effect for male hair is one cool hairstyling option available for us dudes as it not only is convenient to implement but it will also add a unique and rare style to your hair, so instead of having a predictable Undercut hairstyle like the rest of twenty-something dudes in the United States have, you will be out there rocking your hair in a manner that makes you stand out and that makes ’em woman come to you to touch those luscious locks of yours.

So there, make sure to follow the instructions of my wet look guide and to grab the recommended hair products above so that you can get your wet effect straightaway and without any dramas, and then proceed to rock your new look and have women get their wet effect somewhere else!

All the best, gentlemen.


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