Cool Cornrows Hairstyle of Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz and some cornrows: too cool for school

So I was browsing around the internet as per my usual and I came across a picture of Lenny Kravitz’s curly hair styled in a cornrows hairstyle. Now, if you backtrack my articles here at Manly Curls, you are bound to find some where I cover Lenny Kravitz’s hairstyles over the years, ranging from dreadlocks to the Afro hairstyle. Lenny seems to have been bent on transforming his image like a chameleon over the span of his career, and he has certainly done very well. As of 2014, however, Lenny Kravitz is 50 years old (born on May 26 1964), and the last you would expect is some dude in his late 40s and early 50s wearing cornrows. But with Lenny, all is possible.

Picture of a young Lenny Kravitz with an afro hairstyle for his kinky curly hair

The cover for one of Lenny Kravitz’s latest albums, “Black and White America” (no more rock-star innuendo for him)

One of the things that I strive to help you understand in my book, The Curly Hair Book (click link to see the book), is to acknowledge your curly mane and find an ideal style, shape or design that goes accordingly with your own persona and the way you are as a human being. Many times, I see guys trying to “fit in” by copying the latest haircut or hairstyle that him and the rest of men in his town are wearing just because… well, just “because”. One classic example of a faddish hairstyle is the Undercut which is an actual military haircut and which became quite popular in the English-speaking world (namely the United States) through the popularity of Boardwalk Empire and one of its main characters, Jimmy Darmody who wore a slicked back Undercut and who is played (very well, by the way) by actor Michael Pitt.

A picture of the Undercut hairstyle of Jimmy Darmody in Boardwalk Empire

Jimmy, it’s all your fault

Be yourself and use your hair

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wearing an Undercut; personally, I think it’s an excellent men’s haircut and I even tell you how to do the slicked back hairstyle variation in my other book, The Men’s Hair Book. The Undercut is indeed a popular haircut among military men and, as you will know by now if you’re an avid reader of Manly Curls, I am a fan of military haircuts, having written a huge guide on these haircuts already. However, I cannot help but facepalm myself repeatedly (and sometimes deliberately smash my face against the table) whenever I see some guy with a horrible Undercut that makes him look like a walking mushroom and which is part of his social facade so as to make up for his lack of personality (or, as Simon Cowell once wisely commented, for “having the personality of a fried fish finger”). Come on guys, you’ve got some 100,000 tube-like strands on your head; grow some style and uniqueness, for the love of Bambi!

You see, your hair happens to sit quite visibly on top of your head and is one of the first bodily assets of yours that a person sees when they see you at first glance (or check you out, as it happens to me with the ladies… ok, it only happens in my dreams, but it still counts to me in a bizarre way). Ergo, your hair makes one heck of an impression on people’s perception of you, and hence the sometimes-obsessive attention that both men and women can give to their manes (after all, your hair is dead biological matter and it has an evolutionary purpose too). So, if you’re capable of growing hair atop your head (remember, 50% of men by age 50 are bald), then you might as well put some effort into it and try to use your hair to aid in your overall self-development and not just in your physical image. Your hair can convey some very-powerful-albeit-subtle messages, and nothing says “I eat steak for breakfast” better than a well-carried mane of whatever type of hair you may have.

Lenny Kravitz cornrows

Back to Lenny Kravitz and his cornrows. So here we have a dude who has retired his rock-star persona and who is old enough to be my dad, yet the cornrows hairstyle suits him very well. No need for silly beads (Vladimir Radmanovic, I’m looking in your direction), funny hair colours (oh, hello there Neymar) or equally-silly haircuts; just a natural hairstyle for kinky curly hair that is well worn with personality. See below:

The cool long cornrows hairstyle of Lenny Kravitz

Wrinkles… not even once

And the above, my friend, is why I have taken the time to write over 700 words to tell you about Lenny Kravitz getting his hair braided into cornrows. Your hair has an expiry date (you will lose it sooner or later) and it can have a dramatically-positive impact on your looks as well as help you build and enhance your personality, so why not grow some uniqueness? And it doesn’t matter how you choose to wear your hair either: long, short, in an Undercut, in a ponytail, in cornrows or as a Mohawk; just be yourself and try to make full use of that which you were given at birth.

Stay cool, gentlemen.


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