Long Hair Care for Men – Winter Tips

Winter time is a time for optimizing your hair care if you have long hair as a dude. Cold temperatures and wind typical of winter can be a killer for long haired men, so read ahead for some winter hair care tips that will keep your lengthy locks in check!

Long Haired Dudes and Winter: Read These Hair Care Tips!

The two worst things that can come out of winter are the brutal cold and the blowing wind. The wind blowing through your hair may feel good, but strong winds can whip and tangle your hair. With cold comes dryness that will rob your hair of its much-needed moisture.

A strong wind will wreak havoc with long hair much more quickly than with short hair. And of course, the longer the hair, the easier it is to tangle or wrap around something. This adds extra stress to your hair, especially during the detangling process. Hair is more likely to be over-stretched while detangling than during any other aspect of normal hair care.

The wind can also turn your hair into a whip, and whipping of the hair can cause split ends. Excellent methods of protecting your mane against whipping include braids, man buns, updos, and covering the hair with scarves or hoods, or even your coat.

Wind and losing moisture

Have you ever heard of windburn? It can cause burns to your skin in much the same way as the sun. The wind in any weather, but especially when it’s cold, can remove the moisture from your skin. Wind can also remove moisture from your hair. The best way to avoid the harmful effects of winter wind is to braid your hair and leave it under your coat whenever it’s windy. If you do not have time to braid your hair, tie the ends with fabric-wrapped hair bands and make sure to leave it under your coat.

A cloud blowing wind against hair


Last, but not least, wind can cause your hair to be caught or trapped. A strong gust of wind can blow the full length of your hair in any direction around you – above you, to the side, in front of, or behind you. As many women know, long hair can and will get caught on many things. A gust of wind could blow your hair into a closing door. The force of the door closing on your hair can cause permanent damage to the hair structure of any strands of hair caught by the closing door. This is not a common occurrence, but it is something to keep in mind. Once again, the best way to prevent this is to braid your hair or tie down the ends of your hair, and leave them under your coat. If your hair is longer than your coat, double-loop the braid up so that it is completely covered. Some women use their hair as a scarf in the winter, but that can pose some extra hazards.

Careful with furnaces and your hair’s moisture

Once the cold of winter sets in, we switch from cooling with the air conditioner to heating with the furnace. Although the furnace is a blessing, it can also be harmful to your hair and skin. Some furnaces make the air very dry. Once again, dryness that affects your skin can affect your hair, removing your hair’s vital moisture. Combined with the dehydration from the brittle cold and the blowing wind, this additional moisture loss can really damage your hair.  To combat this hair-drying wintertime threat, you may want to use a good hair conditioner often so as to keep your locks moisturized, or even give your hair an oil treatment. Periodically check your hair for dryness, and, if you haven’t already, get a copy of The Men’s Hair Book (click the link) so as to learn absolutely everything about your lengthy locks and on keeping your tresses in top shape!

David Coverdale with long frizzy wavy hair

Whatever you do, avoid the David Coverdale 1980s hairstyle look!

Another way of putting moisture back into your hair is to rehydrate the air in your home. Purchasing a humidifier is the easiest solution. Humidifiers come in many different sizes and prices. A similar way of defeating household dryness is to set a pot of water on your stove and turn the burner to the lowest possible setting to let the water steam into the air.  Consider adding some potpourri to the water. If you are in a dry place where there is no stove, set an open pan of water by the 
heater or heater vents. This will work, too, although not as effectively as a humidifier.

You may think that you are not outdoors enough during the winter for it to have an effect on you, but it does not take much to do some harm. So please take a few extra moments to braid your hair during windy times. Check you hair for dryness, and act quickly to minimize the harmful effects of winter weather on your hair!

This article has been a contribution from one of our hairdressers.

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  1. Lilian Nosakhare-Ogunmola
    September 4, 2018 at 10:11 pm

    Great tips for men. Also moisturizing with coconut oil or olive oil can help the hair stay healthy.

  2. Arun
    May 22, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    Hi ,

    I moved to Phoenix , Arizona 8 months before , After moving here my hair is drastically falling and 50% of my hair is gone. It seems water and dry air is causing this problem . What can i do in home to treat this ?

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