Top Shaving Tips for Men to Get the Closest Shave

Ever wondered how to get the best shave? Then read these 3 shaving tips to get the closest shave and improve a male grooming ritual that mane men consider an art!

3 Shaving Tips that Will Give You a Closer Shave for Your Manly Grooming Ritual!

Shaving is an art, so you are free to approach your shaving in any manner you prefer and find more convenient. Having said this, there are certain tips that will for sure improve your shaving experience regardless of your preferred method and which will help you to continue to enjoy your daily (or almost-daily!) grooming ritual. The following article on facial-hair shaving is a contribution of hair salon owner and barber Janice.

As the co-owner of a hair salon, we have a section where we attend our male clients and recreate a more of a barbershop experience. My team consists of several licensed barbers who not only give excellent haircuts and hairstyles but who also provide wet-shaving services for our male clientele. My own experience together with my team’s experience in wet shaving has, over time, solidified several wet shaving tips that we find work on all men. Thus, I am here to bring you the 3 shaving tips that I have found over the years to dramatically improve the shaving experience of all men and give them the closest shave possible!

The beard and facial hair of Chuck Norris

Do not shave with a dull blade

I see this all the time: a client will mention to us how he can never get a close shave and how he always ends up with some minor stubble after shaving. When we ask him about the kind of razor he uses, he will just mention some commercial brand and say that he uses the same razor for several shaving sessions. Unfortunately, many men think that the dulling of a blade only happens after using the blade for a good number of times, which is incorrect and which only leads to poor shaving experiences that yield an uneven shaving finish.

Whether you use a straight razor or a safety razor, a typical blade will only last a single shaving session before it becomes too dull for a close shave; this is especially so with the commercial range of razors (which are not particularly sharp to begin with) as well as if you’re shaving all of your face instead of just a section. The best solution to battle the quick dulling of a razor is to use a platinum-coated razor. The platinum filaments provide a sharper protective surface that allows for a razor to give a closer shave and to last longer.

A safety razor for shaving mens facial hair

Use a good mirror. Or two.

For the best shaving experience, you will need a good mirror that allows you to adjust the mirror’s magnifying as well as prevent the build up of fog. Even better, having two mirrors will further improve your shaving experience: you use the main mirror to do the shaving while you use a second mirror placed at an angle to the main mirror so that you can then get the best visual field to shape your sideburns and side of the face as you shave.

A mirror used for men to shave their beards

  • A great paneled mirror that you can buy is this one here. It’s great for shaving, hair styling and grooming your face.

Wash your face with warm water before shaving

It is widely documented that warm water allows for the skin’s pores to open up as well as for the hair strands to soften, which altogether provides a smoother and easier shave. In the barbershop section of our salon, we always fill a sink with warm water, soak an unused clean cloth in the warm water and then softly press the cloth against the area of the face (of the client) that we will be shaving; this act prepares the face for the shaving and we have found that it not only makes the shaving easier but it also makes the facial skin more pliable and thus responsive to the shaving, which then allows for a closer shave too.

In your case, all you would need to do is fill your sink with warm water prior to shaving and then soak your face with the warm water (simply skip the step with the cloth that we use). Now, if you happen to have a full beard like that of Chuck Norris, then I highly recommend that you do also use a cloth soaked in warm water and take a couple of minutes to soak your beard by pressing the soaked cloth against the beard.

The three tips I’ve just given you above are tips that we have found of great use to all men regardless of shaving needs or chosen facial hairstyle. As soon as you start putting these tips to use, I can assure you that you will be experiencing a very-noticeable improvement in your shaving experience and daily grooming ritual!

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