Life Hacking Tips to Prolong Your Life

Here are some life hacking tips for men that will ensure that you add some high-quality years to your life. A great way to welcome the new year and the many years ahead!

Become a healthier longer-living dude by reading these tips!

Well, we’re officially in 2015 and I hope you guys can progress with any resolutions you have in mind, whether it be getting strong and lean or having aesthetic hair or whatever it is that you decided to promise yourself the last couple of minutes before the clock signaled 00:00 1st January 2015.

It is with such new year’s enthusiasm that I bring you guys a lifestyle hacking post by Erick, one of our collaborators. As many of you know, Manly Curls isn’t just a blog about having luscious curls, and lifestyle hacking is a big part of the ethos of Manly Curls. Without further ado, I give you Erick and his life hacking tips to prolong your life.

Hey guys, this is Erick, it’s great to be here at Manly Curls and posting in one of the leading men’s lifestyle blogs! I’m like a lot of you guys; just a regular guy who is always looking for ways to improve his lifestyle. Since eating healthy and exercising is already a given for a better lifestyle, I’d like to show you what else you can do to possibly prolong your life with the following healthy habits. So here are some simple ways to help you live a longer, happier life.

Play Head Games

Challenge your brain! Keeping your mind stimulated not only boosts your brainpower and memory, it also slashes your risk of developing dementia in half, according to studies conducted at the University of New South Wales in Australia. For example, try brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand, memorize the phone numbers that you have programmed and make calls without using speed dial or your mobile phone’s address book, and mentally tally the total cost of your groceries as you drop each item into your shopping cart.

Go social and get your friends involved and start a monthly trivia game night.

A picture of a completed Rubix cube

Buy Yourself Some Flowers

Having flowers in your home isn’t just for decoration anymore and these days it’s perfectly acceptable even for the manliest of dudes. Research from Rutgers suggests that looking at flowers can actually put you in a brighter mood. Also, in three different studies, receiving flowers was shown to have both immediate and long-term positive effects on a person’s emotional outlook. Flower power, anyone?

Manly flowers planted in a house

Spice It Up

Try flavoring your foods with fresh herbs and spices rather than salt, butter or sugar. This will not only naturally cut the sodium, fat, and calories in your food, but it will also improve the overall health benefits of the food. Suzanna Zick, N.D., a naturopathic physician at the University of Michigan says, “Many herbs such as thyme and oregano are similar to green, leafy vegetables in that they’re higher in vitamins and minerals.”

Saffron and basil are believed to contain cancer fighters, while “warming” or spicy herbs, such as nutmeg and black pepper, may also help lower blood pressure.

Don’t Forget To Floss

Many of us forget to floss until right before a dental visit. Cleaning between your chompers is actually very important to your body’s overall health, in addition to your smile. Flossing your teeth helps get rid of bacteria-laden plaque that causes gum disease and a plethora of other problems, including heart disease, stroke, and premature births. Remember to get those nasty bacteria out of your mouth and out of your body.

A meme picture of a dinosaur flossing his teeth for good oral hygiene

Wash Your Hands Before Going To The Bathroom

Take a minute to consider all of the germs that you come into contact with while pushing that grocery cart, touching a gas pump, handling your child’s toys, or the germs that get M.D., a urologist in Charlotte, NC, advises that you thoroughly wash your hands for at least ten seconds before peeing to avoid transferring germs to your private parts (this doesn’t mean though that you should not wash your hands after peeing too).

Sip Some White Tea

White tea may soon replace green tea as the ultimate health brew. Both teas contain cancer-fighting antioxidants called polyphenols. However, the leaves and buds used to make white tea require less processing than green tea leaves. This results in the white tea retaining more antioxidant power. Studies are also now showing that white tea extract may help fight some common bacterial infections, including strep and staph.

Chew, Chew, and Chew Some More

The director of the gastroenterology division at the University of South Alabama, Jack A. Di Palma, explains that taking the time to thoroughly chew and break up your food makes it easier for the body to extract, assimilate and absorb nutrients and even enhance any body recomposition efforts. Furthermore, keeping food in your mouth for a longer amount of time does in fact increase the production of saliva, which helps to neutralize the extra stomach acids that cause reflux. An additional bonus to chewing thoroughly is that because it takes about twenty minutes for the stomach to signal to the brain that you’re full, the slower you eat, the fewer calories you are likely to consume before you are ready to drop your fork.

Various pieces of steak

It only takes a few minutes each day to dramatically improve your health. Remember that these lifestyle tweaks have been proven to have a major impact on overall health, so don’t let the small nature of them fool you. Get started today with these easy live-long tricks and become a better dude for the long term!

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