Top 4 Long Hairstyles for Each Male Hair Type

Grow your mane long and rock any of these 4 long hairstyles!

If you’re a long haired dude or if you’re planning on growing your mane long, then I’m here to tell you that you have quite a few hairstyles to choose from. Most guys when growing their hair long seem to think that all that they will be able to do to their lengthy manes will be tying them into boring ponytails; that’s until they discover how malleable and easy to style long hair can really be. In fact, as a dude with curly hair myself, I’d go as far as to say that curly hair is easier to style when it is long than when it is at a short length or at a medium length. Now, growing your curly hair to shoulder length and beyond is another story, but, once you get there, you realize that your hair-growing journey was well worth it.

A picture of a hipster male with a ponytail hairstyle resembling the hair style of David Beckham

Grow that mane long, kiddo!

Regardless of your hair type as a dude and whether you have straight hair, wavy hair, coiled curly hair or kinky curly hair, I will tell you in this very moment that you do indeed have a nice range of hairstyles to choose from once your mane gets too long for your girlfriend’s linking, your wife’s linking or even your mother’s liking. What’s even better is that long hair is quite malleable (as in, it will bend and do whatever you want it to do), hence you can get quite creative with your luscious mane if you’re feeling up for the challenge (yes, I said “luscious”, not “lustrous”, and there’s a good reason for that).

Right off the bat, I can think of at least a couple of dozens of epic long hairstyles that I could do to my (manly) mane right now, and you can even learn about a good number of them in this long hairstyles guide for men that covers a great range of styles that you probably didn’t even know existed! Furthermore, if you browse around Manly Curls, you will also get to read about plenty of different long hairstyles that I’ve suggested and recommended over the years, so, really, I think we can conclude that growing your mane long is too awesome for words and that you will become a sexy beast once your hair graces your shoulders. Well, that’s only if you manage to not fall prey to the inexplicable attraction that stupid hairstyles like the Skullet have in men under the age of 35 (and, yes, I too have fallen prey to them).

A picture of an old balding male with long hair and a skullet hairstyle complemented with a Van Dyke beard style

Even men in their forties and fifties have fallen prey to the exuberant attraction of the skullet

So, to celebrate the epicness of being a long-haired dude, I’m going to give you guys one great long hairstyle for each of the 4 male hair types (if still unsure of what these hair types are, then see my hair type guide explaining the 4 hair types for men). The following 4 long hair styles that I’ll be recommending to you are both easy to grow and get, and all that you will need to be able to style them is at least 10 inches of hair length. Likewise, each of these 4 long hairstyles are interchangeable with each of the 4 male hair types, meaning that you can also get the other 3 long hairstyles that aren’t listed for your hair type, so, all in all, you’re looking at 4 hairstyles for long hair that you can get at any time, provided that you have hair of at least 10 inches in length.

Ready to rock that mane? Then let’s kick it!

Ponybun hairstyle for straight hair

You probably haven’t heard of the “ponybun” word before, and, that’s for a good reason. Amidst a sea of man buns and top knots flooding each American and European city, few guys have yet to realize that, by only tying their buns half way through, they can radically change their bun to look different to what the rest of the crowd is wearing.

“Ok, Rogelio”, you may say, “but what on this beautiful planet is a ponybun hairstyle?” you may ask. Right, a ponybun is a hairstyle that has your hair tied in an unclosed bun, hence a tail of hair forms resembling a ponytail that hangs off the bun. And thus the “ponybun” portmanteau meaning a “bun with a ponytail”.

To get a ponybun, you would simply grab your hair so as to tie it into a bun but, when it’s time to choke the bun with the hair band (i.e. close it so no hair is loose inside the bun), you only do so for half of the hair length making up the bun. Ergo, about half of the bun’s length remains outside the bun and thus hangs down as a ponytail. Seriously, it sounds more complicated than it really is, and the ponybun-styling motion is quite intuitive; I was doing ponybuns like a boss years ago even before I decided to put a name to what I was doing intuitively.

Last year in 2014, the ponybun was briefly in the spotlight as the world’s biggest male-diva Jared Leto decided to sport one during the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. At the time, the man bun hairstyle was all the rage (see the next hairstyle below) and, out of nowhere, here came Jared Leto wearing a hairstyle which, until then, only women had worn publicly. However, the ponybun didn’t really hit it mainstream, even though the millions of dudes with man buns in 2014 were unknowingly doing ponybuns when first learning about tying a man bun.

By now, you’re probably wondering what a ponybun hairstyle looks like, so here it is in all its glory.

A picture of a male model with an epic ponybun hairstyle as half a bun and half a ponytail

His Viking ancestors would be proud

You may or may not get an undercut haircut as per the ponybun in the picture above, but one thing is for sure: you will turn heads with a ponybun.

Man bun hairstyle for wavy hair

I’m not a fan of following hairstyle trends and in both my books, The Curly Hair Book and The Men’s Hair Book, I advise you to not jump on them the minute they go mainstream. In the case of the man bun, the hairstyle has been going wild and spreading like the flu virus since 2013 and, even in 2015, the man bun trend is going strong. However, man buns have been worn for centuries by all kinds of dudes from Vikings to Samurai warriors to hippies, so man buns weren’t originally concocted in some hipster Brooklyn loft three years ago, unlike what most dudes seem to believe. Au contraire, long haired folks have been using buns to tie their manes for so long that I was seriously amazed at the popularity of the man bun when the trend hit the spotlight 3 years ago, as I thought that it was common sense that all long haired men tie their locks in buns as “bunning” your long mane is simply a convenient hairstyle.

Anyway, whether you’re one of those guys who obsessively jumps on hairstyle trend after hairstyle trend or whether you’re just a guy with long wavy hair, the man bun is one cool and convenient hairstyle to wear. With a man bun (also known as a “bro bun”, “mun” or “hipster bun”), you are able to group all your hair and lock it tight into a ball of hair. This not only ensures that you’re left with no hair dangling (unless you want to wear a ponybun) but it also removes the bulk of your hair off your face and actually makes your facial features stand out more. What this means is that, if you’re a handsome dude, then the man bun will make you even more handsome; I’m not so sure of what happens if you’re an ugly dude, although the man bun had made me even less uglier, so it’s worth a try regardless of how beautiful and handsome and “all of that” you may be.

To give you a good visual reference in case that you want to sport this style, here’s a picture of a man bun hairstyle cut with an undercut haircut (i.e. a man bun undercut).

A picture of a dude with a man bun undercut hairstyle buzzed with a hair clipper

Consider buzzing your man bun in an undercut with a good hair clipper!

As you can see above, the bun is usually placed on the back of the top of your head; this anatomical section of the head is also known as the crown or the vertex area. Alternatively, you can tie your bun lower on the head for a classic bun style (i.e. what dudes with long hair have been doing for centuries) or you can tie the bun further forward on the head for what I call a “pineapple hairstyle”. Either way, just bun your hair and get on with your life as a long haired dude.

Shoulder-length middle part hairstyle for coiled curly hair

I have to say that a middle part with shoulder length hair is an awesome hairstyle for guys with curly hair. But, then, I’m biased as that’s one of my favourite hairstyles and I have long (coiled) curly hair. In any case, just about all long haired dudes whom I’ve met over the years have agreed that a middle part with long hair (and regardless of hair type) is an excellent hairstyle; it’s just that good of a hairstyle.

Despite how the good looks of a middle part shoulder length style may make you all warm and fuzzy inside, it should be noted that coiled curly hair is notoriously known for being a pain in the derriere to part on the middle of the head until it gets to a length of about 8 to 10 inches. The reason for this is that curly hair that has yet to reach 8 inches in length will puff up as well as puff out to the sides, hence any attempt to middle part it will result in the hair coiling back to its naturally puffed-out state.

I really cannot stress this enough to you: you really need to grow your coils long (i.e. at least 8 inches of length) in order to be able to benefit from the malleability of long coiled hair. All of this should not be a surprise to you if you’ve been reading as I’ve always said that any curly dude wanting to grow long hair and have it hang down (and not puff up and out) must get his coiled mane to at least a length of 8 inches. An even-better hair length would be 10 inches if you would rather have your mane hang down naturally instead of having to coat it with leave in conditioners and hair styling creams in order to weigh your hair down (as it will happen with only 8 inches of hair length). Ten inches of hair length is close to a shoulder length (depending on how tall you are), so your coils will start to hang down naturally once they are at about shoulder length.

So, now that we’ve established how long your hair must be to put it into a middle-parted hairstyle, it’s time to show you how it looks.

A photograph of the long curly hair of David Bisbal in a shoulder length hairstyle

Boss-man status activated

Not only dudes with long haired have told me that they really like putting their manes in a middle part but many women have also told me that such a hairstyle is the one they like the most in long haired men. Make of that what you will, gents.

Dreadlocks hairstyle for kinky curly hair

Yes, I know, I know; we all know what dreadlocks are and how they aren’t trendy like the man bun and all that, but, truly, for dudes with kinky curly hair, dreadlocks are an excellent hairstyle to get the hair to hang down instead of having it remain all puffed up in an afro hairstyle. I’m not saying that the afro isn’t a good hairstyle for this hair type, but many guys with kinky curly hair have come to me asking me how to make their afros hang down as they want to have dangling locks like their long-haired brethren with the other hair types. As a matter of fact, you would be surprised as to how many curly guys dream of the day that their curls will caress their face and dangle in the wind. Heck, I too was one of them and feeling my curly locks dangle in the wind just felt way too awesome.

The bad news for guys with kinky curly hair is that they will need in excess of 20 inches of hair length to get their tightly-coiled hair to hang down naturally. However, the good news is that dreadlocks are a shortcut to not having to wait a good 4 to 6 years years before being able to gracefully shake your kinky curly mane and say “because I’m worth it”.

The reason for dreadlocks being a shortcut hairstyle to get your kinks and coils to hang down is that dreadlocks aren’t just made up of your own healthy and growing hair strands; dreadlocks are also made up of the shed hair strands that you’ve been shedding ever since you started “locking” your hair (i.e putting your hair into dreadlocks). At the tune of about 100 shed hair strands per day, that’s a lot of excess weight that you’re adding to your mane and which you would otherwise not have (the extra weight) if it weren’t for the dreadlocks. So, dreadlocks get heavy quite fast and therefore you only need about 6 to 8 inches of dread-locked length to get the dreadlocks to hang down. Not bad if we compare 4 years of waiting to a mere one year of waiting time to grow your dreadlocks to 6 inches starting from a buzz cut or short hair.

As I’ve done with the previous hairstyles, here’s a picture depicting some nicely-groomed dreadlocks.

A picture of a white guy and a black guy with long dreadlocks hairstyles

Dreadlocks are the fastest way to get your kinky curls dangling instead of puffing up

It should be said that, just because dreadlocks contain shed hair strands from months ago or even years ago, dreadlocks need not be unhygienic and they actually require quite a lot of grooming and hair care.

Four long hairstyles for the 4 hair types

Having long hair as a guy is quite the experience. Whether you have straight hair or kinky curly hair, you will be learning more and more about your hair every single day as you remain patient, learn from your mistakes and enjoy the journey of becoming a long-haired guy with free-flowing locks. Sure, it make take you a year or four years, but, I can guarantee you in this very moment that it will all be worth it. This coming from a guy who started growing his hair long from a high and tight haircut just to test and experiment with his mane!

All the best, gentlemen.


Last updated – 18th July 2015

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  1. Jordon Lee
    December 4, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    I need help! I have tried growing my hair out, but it won’t fall down. I am half black and half white, should it fall down? Please give me some advise.

  2. Felix
    March 3, 2016 at 5:15 am

    Hello, I found out that the Kindle version of the book >> “This title is not currently available for purchase”

    Is there other way to purchase your Book’s digital edition ? as my location is faraway from US and paperback version would be too long to arrive

    Look forward to hear from you

  3. Felix
    March 3, 2016 at 4:43 am


    I tried to click your book cover, it forwarded me to an Amazon page, but I couldn’t choose the electronic version of your book – how is it?


  4. Ann
    December 22, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    I have a 13 year old son whose hair is several inches below his shoulders. I think it would look great in a coiled-curly style but it’s pretty straight naturally. What’s the best way of getting his hair shaped into coils?

  5. Paul
    October 10, 2015 at 3:41 am

    Hey Rogelio! I have wavy hair that curls on the ends when it gets longer. My hair does not really grow down, but up and out. It gets very bushy and unmanageable when left uncut. I currently get my hair slightly trimmed on the top and the sides tapered to the top. I also have a relatively large forehead that I don’t know whether I should cover it up or leave it showing. Am I getting the right hair cut? And I would like your input on a style and length for my hair. Thanks!

    • Rogelio
      October 11, 2015 at 2:20 pm

      Hi Paul,

      What hair length are you aiming for? Considering that this is an article that I’ve published for long hair, are you aiming for a long length of hair that leaves your wavy curls hanging down and dangling? Or do you want a length that leaves your wavy hair up and out?


      • Paul
        October 31, 2015 at 7:38 pm

        I would love to find a cut that leaves my hair almost “free” and dangling. I would ideally like to see it down to about my jaw line.

  6. Tom
    October 8, 2015 at 9:04 am

    I’m growing my curls again for almost 10 months now, and by this stage the sides and back are as long as the hair on the top of my head which makes it look weird, I want to grow my curly hair even long. Is it OK to trim just the sides and back a little bit?

  7. Emil
    September 7, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Hello Rogelio

    I just got your book The men’s hair book. A very helpful book.
    I’m still not quite sure how to tame and control my very thick straight frizzy hair. I have been trying to control it for many years but I have failed every time. Believe me when I say it is very thick…
    I would like a long hairstyle like Brad Pitt have right now or instead maybe a medium classic hairstyle like Leonardo Dicaprio.
    Can you help me?

    Best regards, Emil.

  8. Jake
    August 21, 2015 at 11:24 am

    Hey Rogelio, I just stumbled upon this blog a couple of weeks ago and have already ordered your book! Can’t thank you enough for all these curly hair tips. I really need your help! I’m still unsure what hair type I have and I’ve been through all the comments and haven’t found many pictures too similar to my hair, I’m thinking type II or type III. I really want to grow my hair long so any advice would really help. Last year i grew only the top to about 7 or 8 inches and will attach a photo but it’s a bad photo taken in a Thai night club (Stockholm syndrome, I saw you’re a traveler so you’ve probably been there if you’ve been to Patong) I also think my hair is a bit dry but I really know nothing about hair.

    I’m pretty sure my hair type is also different on the sides, front and top and have attached photos. These photos are all after a full day at uni. I’ve started washing my hair weekly and conditioning in-between to combat dryness but will probably need to wait a bit longer to see results. I used to only wash it once a month, if that, because it is extremely frizzy and messy whenever i do.

    I look forward to your reply! I love my ginger locks and want to fully embrace them!

  9. Joe
    August 9, 2015 at 8:41 am

    Does anyone know what the name of Kit Harington’s haircut is?

  10. Brandon
    August 2, 2015 at 3:02 am

    Hi Rogelio, my hair is curly and it has an S-pattern but it’s laid down flat and I wanted it to stand up what should I do for this?

  11. Jay
    July 21, 2015 at 1:36 pm

    Hey Rogelio, I just found your blog and have to say that you won another follower! I had many hair styles through my life and now it’s time to embrace my natural curly hair for once. I want to buy your book, however I live in Mexico and on top of that I’m not very “friend” with print text books… Is there a way that I can buy a digital version of your book? Congrats on you blog: you are definitely hitting the mark for many of us! Saludos desde Playa del Carmen =)

    • Rogelio
      July 22, 2015 at 1:49 pm

      Hi Jay!

      Thanks for your interest in my books. The Curly Hair Book is only available as a paperback book in Amazon and in bookstores in the United States, although I’ve had sales from international bookstores too, including in the Spanish-speaking market. My other book, The Men’s Hair Book, is available as a Kindle book and you can read it with any smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. Amazon has a neat tablet called a Kindle tablet to read Kindle books, but you don’t need a Kindle tablet to read Kindle books. Amazon offers a free application that you can download an install easily on any smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop and read any Kindle books. I’ve actually tested The Men’s Hair Book both in a tablet and in my laptop and the application works great, not to mention that it is easy to install (and free!).

      I cover all about curly hair for men in The Men’s Hair Book too, so you will get all the knowledge needed to rock an epic curly mane with that book too. The main difference between The Curly Hair Book and The Men’s Hair Book is that in The Curly Hair Book i specifically address curly hair and not only do I give you all the knowledge needed for your curls but I also tell your personal stories (some funny ones too) of living life as a curly-haired guy. The goal is for all our curly brothers to change their negative view of their curls into a positive one because, trust me on this, you can have an awesome mane no matter what your curl type may be.

      Since you’re keen to read digital books, I suggest that you buy The Men’s Hair Book as a Kindle book and download the free Kindle application to read the book if you don’t have a Kindle tablet. The book is long and has a lot of advice and routines that you will not find anywhere on the internet, so the book will keep you busy reading (and enjoying it!). I have a direct link to The Men’s Hair Book on this page on the sidebar (see the book cover picture) if you’re browsing this page from a computer. If you’re browsing this page from a smartphone or tablet, then browse all the way down to the end of the page and you will find the book’s cover again for The Men’s Hair Book. Click on it and it will take you directly to the book on Amazon (just select the Kindle version and you will be able to download it instantly once you’ve purchased it).

      I saw that you tried to post your comment again; the first comment is always moderated so that I manually approve the comment, which is what has happened in your case. I’ve whitelisted your comment account so that you can now post comments and they will go through instantly if you want to ask any more questions or post more comments.

      Thanks again for your interest in my books, ¡y espero que estes disfrutando del verano!


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