About Manly Curls

Manly Curls is a haircentric lifestyle blog for modern men who desire to live their lives with an awesome mane atop their heads. It rehashes the concept of hair and lifestyle with in-your-face & no-bull content. Founded by a dude with curly hair, Manly Curls lives by its motto: Curly Hair is not a Hairstyle, it’s a Lifestyle!

I think that would be an illustrative summary describing Manly Curls. I like it.

Hello, my name is Rogelio and this is Manly Curls, the pioneering lifestyle blog/webzine/awesome place to become a better man with great hair. Manly Curls is oriented towards growing an awesome set of hair; primarily a curly mane but also a mane of whatever hair, all while becoming a better man. We start with the hair, then continue with the rest.

At Manly Curls, you are guaranteed to read unique lifestyle content with plenty of expert advice, tips and tricks, opinionsexperiences, entertainment and much more. What you are NOT guaranteed: silly stuff, time wasting, Mickey Mouse content or copycat rubbish written around annoying ads that just make you close your browser. At Manly Curls, fellow gentlemen, you are here to become better men with just as equally better hair. Welcome.


Rogelio visits Petra in Jordan with his lifestyle blog written on the back of his T-shirt

At Manly Curls we take our lifestyle content very serious!


But, you may ask, why the name Manly Curls? Manly like Tom Selleck’s moustache in P.I Magnum? I see you like stories, dear visitor. Read on.

Being a curly haired dude by nature, I have always walked around with my curls atop my head by default. Many years ago, I decided to learn all about my hair and get to manage it optimally. This had a visible effect on my curly hair, and, soon enough, I had ladies approaching me on a daily basis to ask me for hair advice. It got so repetitive that my friend and I used to joke about me starting a hair advice website for women; eventually, even guys would approach me to ask for hair advice too. Fairly quickly, I became a de facto Q&A walking encyclopaedia, and we then changed the joke to me actually starting a hair advice website for men, which at the time seemed even crazier. The joke gradually started making some sense, and I got to brainstorming about the idea of a site. Fast-forward quite a bit in time, and I am hanging out with an international group of friends. I was at a party, and we had a Japanese lady joining our group; upon meeting me, the first thing she did is touch my curls and say, “You so manly”. I looked at my friend, without saying a word, and we both knew, there and then, what I had to do next. Manly Curls was, thus, born.

At Manly Curls we cover everything and anything that is of relevance to those of us males who want to grow a diesel mane while becoming supermen. Expect to find wildly-varied stuff, from specific stuff on curly hair to many hairstyles and haircuts to how to use a leave-in conditioner to how to lift huge weights to how to succeed with your New Year’s resolutions (and much more). We approach our content in an entertaining manner and always from the manly mane perspective because, at Manly Curls, we believe in providing through-provoking ideas while using our heads for more than having our “luscious” manes resting on them. And yes, you have just read “luscious” and “manly” in the same sentence.

Manly Curls has also been the previous step to my upcoming book, and, if you minimally enjoy this site, you will certainly enjoy my book because it is based around the same no-bull male concept as my website. Thus, Manly Curls is the platform to our revolution, a revolution that seeks to get men sporting great heads of waves, coils and kinks without any of the diva Sex In The City stuff. At Manly Curls, we continue to rehash and pioneer the blogosphere, so join our ranks and interact, leave comments, become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our Newsletter on the top right…Simply put, fellow men about to grow awesome manes, join our revolution!

Let’s get going, fellas.

All the best.


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