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What is Manly Curls?

Manly Curls is what the grandfathers of Chuck Norris and David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff (whom we know hunted their own food and chewed tobacco) would have created back in the day if they had ever gotten together and agreed to write a journal that covered men’s lifestyle and fitness with quite a bit of hair care stuff thrown in for good measure. Or something like that.

Rogelio, author of the curly hair book or how men can now rock their waves, coils and kinks, is in Petra as part of his worldwide travels.

Why Manly Curls?

Dear reader, we answer you rhetorically, why do you sing when you are showering? There are questions that just can’t be answered. In essence, if you want to read lifestyle content written from a haircentric perspective (hey, men can too look after their hair), then Manly Curls is your place. At the very least, by reading us frequently, you will save plenty of money by not wasting your dosh on silly hair products.

Manly Curls is written from the concept of addressing your hair to better yourself; over 97.89% of males walk about their life without optimizing their hair due to lack of knowledge and/or inspiration, thus, at Manly Curls, we do the dirty job for you (dirty job being, we write hair-related content that doesn’t make you feel like watching repeat episodes of Sex in the City). Manly Curls is for men with all sorts of hair types, from straight hair to kinky hair, although we have an editorial focus on all of the types of curly hair.

Who Manly Curls?

The man behind all of this has luscious curly locks (in a manly way, that is) and a name you’ve probably never heard of in your life: Rogelio (don’t try to pronounce it).

When Manly Curls?

Manly Curls is still young, like one of those cute puppies that are so huggable, as a matter of fact. The concept of writing no-bull haircentric content had already been circulating Rogelio’s mind for years, though.

How Manly Curls?

Well, to write lifestyle content and hair-related content for men without sounding like the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, you need to

  1. Be creative (i.e. the PC word for crazy)
  2. Not take yourself too serious

Mind you, Manly Curls is a serious blog and Rogelio’s approach is no-bull and to the point, but you certainly need to be passionate about your ideas and about writing to get a blog like this going. Rogelio’s so passionate about writing and about his haircentric concept that he has written the bestselling book The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks, which details everything about hair care for males while instilling the attitude to better yourself through first addressing your hair. A year after publishing The Curly Hair Book, Rogelio then proceeded to write a second bestselling hair-care book that further widened Rogelio’s worldwide following and popularity: The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney (yes, that’s the whole title of the book).

If, by this point, you are nodding in approval and have already entertained the idea of what would happen if Norris’ and The Hoff’s¬†grandfathers were to meet, then Manly Curls will soon become that place you wish you knew of many years ago. Be one of us by:

Gentlemen, welcome to Manly Curls.

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