About Rogelio

Curly hair expert Rogelio with his curls and kinks

Rogelio has curly hair and a goal: to bring a no-bull lifestyle blog for men who want to have great manes. His expertise ranges from Fitness & Getting in Shape to Hairstyles & Hair Care to International Living and much more. 

Ok, enough of the third person talking.

Hi, my name is Rogelio and I am the author and owner of Manly Curls, the lifestyle blog to become a better man with great hair. I live by the principle of constantly seeking self-actualization and lifestyle improvements or, in other words, I am always doing something, testing it and learning from it.


Just a curly dude with a passion for writing. From the age of 18 I decided to pack my bags, kiss my parents goodbye and see the world. My quest to become a world citizen with no concept of frontiers had me developing my career in foreign trade and living in the United Kingdom, Spain, Republic of Ireland, the United Arab Emirates and a spell in France while visiting many more places. I really love living in different countries, it’s like an addiction. I like to see myself as a world citizen, except when I have to go through security checks in airports (the whole inspirational “world citizen” thing doesn’t go down that well there).


Rogelio with his curly hair blogging from Paris

A lovely old Parisian lady passing by told me my hair was very nice and asked if my website was in French.

She made my day.

Apart from being a world citizen, I also love sports and I have competed at national level in Olympic weightlifting: I have trained in seven countries and competed in three, won a few tin trophies and have dropped 230lbs on my knee after missing a snatch. I place an emphasis on being strong both physically and mentally as I see this as the foundation to a wholesome better life!


I also enjoy the fields of nutrition and medical science, and have been active in the fitness field as an advisor for almost a decade, writing freelance as a hobby and helping dozens of people succeed in their goals. Another of my hobbies is music and I have been a music producer and DJ, specializing in the electronic genre and DJing in three countries. Last but not least, I’m the author of the bestselling book The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks, a book that you’ll love if you dig Manly Curls; I’m also the author of a second bestselling book, The Men’s Hair Book, which is another book that you will love if you want to learn absolutely all about your hair without the fluff and baloney that abounds the hair care field (and especially the men’s hair niche).

I have experimented plenty with my hair, body, worldwide locations and life. I thrive in fast-moving environments and I have learnt so many valuable lessons in life that I feel fortunate to be here, right now, sitting down and talking to you. Manly Curls is, thus, my space to bring the world my experiences, opinions, lessons and anything-lifestyle that can benefit you and the rest of the Internet. Of course, curly hair will be one of the topics…

All the best,


Rogelio is now on Google + as an Author too!

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