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Rogelio is the go-to guy when it comes to men's hair. Having embraced his natural curly hair for over a decade while living in 5 countries, Rogelio has learnt a thing or two along the way. Rogelio is the author of the two bestselling men's books "The Curly Hair Book" and "The Men's Hair Book", and his motto when it comes to hair is, "Gentlemen, having a good head of hair should not cost us our testosterone".

Black Hairstyles, White Women and Corporate Hair

White woman with a braids hairstyle for Endia Beal photograph

This article covers Endia Beal’s photography project depicting white women from corporate backgrounds wearing so-called “black hairstyles”. The content of this article is Rogelio’s opinion of the subject with an additional twist discussing the peculiarities of exotic hairstyles in a…