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Only contact us via this form for business-related enquiries or problems with the website.

If you have lifestyle-related questions (including hair care) that you would like to ask, please write your questions in the Comments section of the article that relates to you enquiry. Read the section below the form if you want to know more about asking your lifestyle-related questions.

Thank you.

Asking questions

If you have a lifestyle-related question to ask, please communicate it via commenting in the article that has sparked your question or in the article that is relevant to your enquiry (use the search box on the right to find content relating to your enquiry). At Manly Curls, we cover everything related to lifestyle for men: from curly hair to whatever hair to hairstyles to living to fitness and much more, which means that we get a lot of questions asked on a daily basis, and many times these questions have been resolved already in an article or in the comments of an article, or they are typical questions that could be resolved by a simple reply as a comment in an already-published article.

So as to benefit all of our readers, we encourage you to ask your questions in the articles themselves. Once you post your comment in the chosen article, your comment will be visible with the number of the comment appearing in your browser’s bar. However, if you don’t see your comment straight away after posting it, it means that your comment has gone to a moderation queue and will be reviewed shortly by one of our collaborators. Don’t worry, this is a normal precaution put in place, and your comment will be read very soon by myself, Rogelio, after it is approved by a collaborator, and I will give you my best shot of an answer. Please read here if you want to know what constitutes an appropriate comment as inappropriate comments will be deleted by our team of collaborators without me getting to read them.

I may pick your question to be answered in my Ask Rogelio section if it is of general interest to the readers. I will contact you through email first though, so please leave your email with your question in the comment.

If you have a business-related or website-related question, then use the Contact Us form to send us your enquiry. Please, do not send lifestyle-related (including hair care) questions via the Contact Us form; instead, ask this type of questions as mentioned previously, in the Comments section of the articles.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

All the best,


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