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Justin Timberlake Hairstyles: Curly Hair Epicness

Justin Timberlake with curly hair and a Jewfro hairstyle when he was in the band 'N Sync

As of lately, Justin Timberlake’s hairstyles have been styled with straight hair when, in reality, Justin Timberlake has some of the funkiest curly hair around. Get ready to read Rogelio’s epic detective work exposing one of the harshest fashion-world realities:…

Curly Hair Balding – Ask Rogelio

A man with long curly hair and no balding

You’ve got your curly hair rocking but suddenly start thinking about going bald. You see your scalp when parting the hair, you can even see your scalp under bright light. What’s going on? Are you going bald or is this…